Strong Happy Healthy Free

a new recording by Aaron J. Trumm

Combining elements of hip-hop/rap, rock, country and blues, the Strong Happy project centers around a simple set up: drums, bass, piano and my fusion of sung, rapped and free verse vocals. From there we add and embelish.

From Aaron: “There is some darkness and struggle in this record. I appreciate dark or angry art, I think it helps if you can raise your fist a little, fight the power, get yourself moving. “Anger is a gift,” says Zach de la Rocha. But it’s also a double edged sword. You can’t stay there. You don’t go to war to stay at war. You fight so you can win.

So even though this record has darkness, we’re hoping to bring it to an exalted end. The LAST song that’s been written is the title track, “Strong Happy Healthy Free”. If we leave you with nothing else, we want to leave you with that.”

I am strong I am happy I am healthy I am free!

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