About NQuit

NQuit Music is a music company founded by producer/performer Aaron J. Trumm. Over its 20 year history, NQuit has produced and released music by several acts, usually collaborators with Mr. Trumm.

NQuit’s basic mission is to “manage, organize and monetize creative output”. Product is available on most digital retailers, directly from us, and at events where our collaborators are performing or attending. All of NQuit’s catalog is available for licensing for movies, T.V., commercials, games and the like. If you’re a content producer, filmmaker or any other creative professional and would like to work with us, either by using our existing catalog or collaborating on new material, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We can be reached at info @ nquit dot com.

If you’re a radio or club DJ, journalist or blogger and would like material to play or review, also don’t hesitate to contact us. For booking you can contact us, or for Aaron J. Trumm, contact him directly at aarontrumm @ nquit dot com.


Aaron J. Trumm, “Strong Happy Healthy Free” (Digital Maxi Single)
Aaron J. Trumm, “Bleed” (Full Length CD)
M.C. Murph, “Artistic Apocalypse” (Full length CD)
M.C. Murph, “Martyrs And Heroes” (Full length CD)
Larry Lines, “Numen” (Full Length CD)
dominguez, “Bugs, Wine, Demons” (Full Length CD)
Third Option, “The Four Hard Edges Of War” (Full Length CD)
Third Option, “Cult Of Nice” (Full Length CD)
Third Option, “Frosted Mini Wheats” (Full length CD)
Third Option, “BBC Mix Set I” (30 Min Mix Set)
Third Option, “Monkey Set” (20 Min Mix Set)
Third Option, “Still” (Maxi-Single)
Third Option, “Orson’s Groove” (Single)
Third Option, “Kennedy’s Groove” (Single)
Third Option, “Dance Uncle” (Single)
Team FUn, “Proletariet CD” (Spoken Word EP)
Querques, “Querques” (Full Length CD)

As of 2012 or so, NQuit has started to focus on digital products and licensing as opposed to physical CDs. Whether we will return to making CDs remains to be seen. However there are still a few places where CD’s can be purchased online:

Aaron J. Trumm “Bleed” CD – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/aarontrumm
Third Option “Still” CD – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thirdoption
Third Option “Cult Of Nice” CD – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thirdoption2
Larry Lines “Numen” CD – http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/larrylines